Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ducati S4Rs rear wheel replacement

Note: this may apply to any single sided Ducati

The wheel may not align with the traction pins, resulting in permanent damage to the hub and possible danger to the rider. Note that the wheel bolt may loosen as result.

This is a tricky one but with an easy solution. When replacing the wheel, make sure you visually align the four pins with the wheel, then tighten the bolt.

Note: removing the single hub nut will require a lot of torque. I used a long handle torque wrench for both loosening and tightening the nut. Do look up the proper torque for your bike and be aware that different MY S4 will have different values and possibly different nut size. Same for 1098, Multistrada and Streetfigher. Lastly, you may need to remove the lower muffler to remove the wheel without scratching anything. This is relatively simple, there are two bolts on the back of the can that attaches it to the support and one hose clamp that holds it tight on the exhaust pipe. Remove the first two (careful, they have washers) and simply loosen the latter. It will slip right off. This will make removing the wheel much easier.

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