Monday, October 18, 2010

Replacing front tire of my S4RS

Replacing the front tire is not that hard if you have basic mechanic skills. Do recall you need to remove and securely hold aside the brake calipers before you can remove the wheel. Other than that it is a straightforward matter.
1 loosen the axle bolt and remove the nut along with the spacer
2 loosen the four clamping screws at the bottom of both legs
3 remove and secure the brake calipers to the frame (see photo with the wheel off, can you see where I tie the caliper?)
4 gently tap the axle out, I used a small plastic handle from an old screwdriver and a rubber mallet
5 grab and make a note of the two spacers on each side of the wheel, they are different!

That's it. Note that the spacers are different in width and they can only be installed one way. If you swap them accidentally, the calipers bolts on the right side will not line up and you have to start over. Don't ask me how I know ;-)
Lastly, clean the axle and grease it before you put it back on. Same for all screws aforementioned. Look up the torque settings for all of them, several people have posted them on the web. If you do not know what torque settings are or you think you can just wing it, please take your bike to a dealership :-)

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